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  Asia's Hub For F&B Brands

Comprehensive range of renowned high-quality consumer brands (over 5,000 different products distributed)

Process: Enquiry. Purchase. Fulfillment.

People: Forward-looking and customer-oriented individuals


Making Our F&B Brands Available Everywhere

  Great Brands We Carry  
  Our Logo History  
The colour red signifies the strength and determination of Lim Siang Huat to achieve all goals, overcome all adversities and also embodies the passion of all employees of the company.
The colour blue represents the qualities that enable Lim Siang Huat to deliver tangible benefits and quality care to all it customers and stakeholders. These prized qualities are that of trust and confidence.
The blue circle represents continuity and longevity of the business.
The gap at the top and bottom of the circle represents the smooth transition of the business from one generation to the next.
The two red crests signify the staff and management steering in the same direction to achieve the company’s goals.
The tips of the two red crests represent the company’s continuous efforts to expand into new markets.
The company’s tagline that says Great F&B Brands Since 1940 shows that the company has been delivering quality products to its customers since its inception. It also reflects the company’s strong heritage and its promise to continue that heritage.
About Us

Founded in 1940, Lim Siang Huat (LSH) was first established as a humble grocery store supplying to the British Forces and expatriate community in Singapore.

Today, LSH is managed by the third generation of the Lim family who continues to build the brand’s legacy of “Helping others, Building Friendships in the Business Arena, and Providing Job Opportunities for others”.

With more than 70 years of experience in the F&B business, the LSH symbol is today reputed as Asia’s Hub for F&B Brands – one that is associated to high standards.

A range of globally renowned customers whether they are international hospitality brands, restaurants or retail brands, all trust Lim Siang Huat as their preferred distributor of F&B choices due to the longevity of the LSH brand in the F&B industry. 
LSH is the preferred choice by customers such as Star Cruises, Marina Bay Sands, Resorts World at Sentosa, Singapore General Hospital, Ku De Ta Restaurant, Cold Storage, and the Singapore Airport Terminal Services to name a few.  This is the outcome of its proud heritage of over seven decades.

As a brand respected and trusted for generations, the LSH symbol is today reputable, trustworthy, and known to understand customers’ needs.

The people behind the brand are forward-looking and customer-oriented, ensuring that customers’ expectations are promptly met. At present, LSH distributes over 5,000 different food products, including six house brands: FresJus, Royal Miller, East Sun, Mr.Gherkins, Johnnyson and North Star.

Every LSH product is a testimony of its reliability, convenience, and comprehensiveness. As an LSH customer, you will be assured that LSH makes F&B brands available to you whenever and wherever you want them. Through its convenient multi-channel ordering system, customers can place their orders from anywhere in the world via a variety of methods such as SMS, fax, telephone, and its website.


It has taken the company over seven decades of hard work to where it is today. LSH will continue to strengthen its position as Asia’s symbol for F&B brands, making their F&B brands available everywhere in the years to come.