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Tamarind Paste (Assam)-3 Eagle/Orchid 70x300gpkt
Asam Paste - Orchid 24x1kg
Bah Kut Teh - A1 20x(12'sx35gpkt)
BeanCurd Stick - 70x150gm/pkt
Candle Nut 1kgpkt
Chilli Dried - LSH 1kgpkt
Chrysanthenum Flower 20x500gpkt
Chye Poh Chopped 10x10x150g
Prawn Crackers Jumbo/Lobster -Dove 60x227g
Prawn Cracker Small ready to eat 500gm/pkt
Mushroom Black Whole (3-4cm) -1kg/pkt
Rose Water - RajMahal 24x300ml/bot
Shallots Fried 10x1kg
Shrimp Paste - Dragon 48x227g
Country of origin : China
Tang Chye -GreatWall 25x600g
Tow Suan (MOONG DHALL) - East Sun 1kg/pkt
Luo Han Guo (Medium) - LSH 10's/pkt