A well-known brand in F&B

For almost eight decades, We have been a key player in the food services, retail, and export fields. As a forward-thinking company, we are always looking for new ways to make the ordering process easier and faster for our customers.

Today, we stock an even broader range of products than ever before, from foodstuff to non-food groceries and everything in-between. What’s more, you can now get all of your orders done digitally, ordering online 24/7, anytime, anywhere.


We empower businesses with more choice, variety, and value for money - but our product selection is just the beginning. We would be honoured to partner with you to source the items you need too while providing logistics, support for special events, and beyond.


Our long-standing presence and strong history have echoed through the decades, making us the well-respected and popular business we are today. From storage to distribution to marketing, we do it all - and we even stock some of our own proprietary brands too, including Royal Miller, Johnnyson’s, East Sun, Fresjus, Mr. Gherkins, and Northstar. Our own brands stock a broad platter of health foods from almonds to almond powder, canned vegetables & fruits, raisins, dried fruits, flour, walnuts and even a range of various oils.